Keeping Sports Fields Secure

The beginning of a new school year means that high school football will soon be underway. Hopefully, for the first time since the pandemic began, the excitement of these events that we once took for granted will once again be...Read More »

Keeping Your Pool Gate Compliant and Secure

Building codes are designed as a mechanism for safety and protection. This is especially true when you consider International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC) regarding mounting heights, created with the intent of deterring access for unaccompanied children. In recent years there have been...Read More »

Our FENCETECH 2020 Recap

Last week, our team visited FENCETECH in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a great experience for our team, and we loved getting to touch base with so many people in our industry.

We put together some of our favorite parts of the conference. Keep reading for our highlights of FENCETECH...Read More »

See Us at the Northeast Regional AFA Conference

The Northeast Regional American Fencing Association Conference is coming up soon, and DAC Industries is excited to be attending! We love spending time at professional events, because we can connect with other industry peers and create new relationships.

Will you be at the Northeast Regional Conference? Check...Read More »

The History of the Panic Bar

Take a moment to think about how many panic bars you see on a daily basis. If you stop to reflect on it, the number is probably pretty high. We take this hardware for granted, but the technology is much more important than many people realize.

Our team took a step...Read More »

Installation Guides: Hardware Made Easy

Each project has its own challenges. That’s what makes them all unique, after all. After time, though, those obstacles can get frustrating, which can lead to improper installation. Luckily, our team is happy to provide installation guides that can make your projects go a bit smoother.

At DAC Industries, we’re proud...Read More »

What to Keep in Mind While Designing Residential Fences

You already know that designing for residential areas can be completely different than designing for commercial. This is still true when it comes to fencing.

Residential fences can come with a lot of different options. To help, our team put together some items you should consider before you start designing for...Read More »

The Right Hardware for Your Field

The changing of the seasons means that athletes are back out on the field. In fact, the excitement of games, practices, marching bands, and more can often make us forget that the environment they’re playing on is carefully designed to fit players’ needs.

When it comes to fields, fences provide protection...Read More »

Securing School Playgrounds

Summer is almost over and the school year is in full swing! For parents, that means a flurry of back-to-school shopping and homework, but for people in our industry, it’s a good time to remember the importance of a secure school playground fence.

It’s no question that our children need safe,...Read More »

Breaking Down Fencing Industry Jargon

Every industry uses words and phrases that are very specific to certain materials, products, and processes. If you are listening in on a fencing industry conversation and are unfamiliar with common jargon, it can almost sound like experts are speaking in another language.

Our expert team has put together a glossary...Read More »

How to Pick the Right Hardware for Your Client

If you’ve been working in architecture or construction for any length of time, you know that no two projects are alike. That’s why it can be difficult to decide what types of hardware you need for the fences in your plans.

Our team put our heads together and came up with...Read More »

Safely Securing Pools

Summer is just around the corner, which means that fun warm weather activities are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Because the season is nearly synonymous with swimming, it’s important to consider what needs to be included when designing and installing a pool fence.

Pool fences save lives, and when they’re...Read More »

When to Start Thinking About Hardware for Your Project

When it comes to the building process, many professionals don’t think about hardware until late into a project. However, hardware should be a consideration much earlier than many people realize.

Our team knows how stressful planning can be, especially when considering all of the details that need to come together to...Read More »

The Strong Arm Latch: Your Heavy-Duty Solution

Some fencing projects call for added strength or security. When you need to be certain that a latch will hold up to extra pressure, be sure to select a Strong Arm.

Our expert team has put together some of the unique features of the Strong Arm latch so when your next...Read More »

3 Rules for Painless Installation

We understand that architects and contractors work to fulfill industry best practices while complying with the warranty demands that accompany each individual product. Fence contractors, installers and wholesalers can easily find a diverse selection of fence gate hardware and accessories through our website or catalog.

However, choosing the right accessory is...Read More »

FenceTech 2019 Recap

Our team has been exhibiting at FenceTech for over thirty years now, and we always have a great time. We make FenceTech an annual event because it is the only national trade show focused on fencing and gates.

We attended FenceTech 2019 from March 13th-16th in Indianapolis with our expert team...Read More »

The History of DAC: 32 Years of Fencing Industry Excellence

In 1985, the need for a quality manufacturer and supplier for gate hardware was realized; and so, DAC was born. We are so proud of our Michigan roots and the successes we have had here. As we celebrate over 30 years of business, we wanted to share a bit of...Read More »

FenceTech 2019 Preview


FenceTech is a tradeshow put on annually by the American Fence Association. The name, FenceTech, was adopted as the official trade show name in 1990. DAC Industries has been attending for over thirty years and first exhibited in Nashville in 1985. We are excited to attend the 2019 FenceTech...Read More »

Fence Latches for Safety

Fences serve many purposes, with the most common being decoration or security.

No matter why a fence has been put in place, we know that it is always important to select hardware that is secure and safe; that’s why we are proud to provide our customers with several latch options:

Strong Arm

The...Read More »

Choosing the Right Panic Hardware

Panic bars are an essential piece of hardware that assist with fast, easy, and effective escape routes in case of an emergency. Panic bars also help to secure areas, such as hotel pools or community parks, safely.

Quality is a must, especially when it comes to selecting panic hardware. As an...Read More »

What’s Big in Materials for 2019

Fencing materials are becoming more and more diverse, and we are always excited to see what new trends hit the market.

2019 looks like it will be marked by environmental and safety innovation; here are the trends that are on our radar as we anticipate the coming year:



The beauty and...Read More »

2019 Trends in Finishes

When it comes to your home or business, the selected finishes for decks, gates, fences, and more, are all key decisions. But, just as important, is picking out the perfect hardware in just the right finish.

The type of finishes used in a space don’t have to match, but they should...Read More »

Saving Time: Tips from Our Experts

DAC Industries takes pride in providing quality products for the fencing industry to architects, installers, and wholesalers.

We understand that time investment and ease of installation play a major role in decision making, so we have developed several resources to assist you with installation:

Utilize our Catalog

We created a comprehensive catalog...Read More »

New in the Catalog

As an industry leader, DAC sets the standard for delivering quality products to wholesalers, installers, and architects. We have a comprehensive catalog containing all of the products we manufacture and provide for our clients, and we update it frequently with new and improved options.

Each of the products featured in...Read More »

Trends in 2019: What We Predict for the Industry

With 2019 quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking ahead to what will be popular in the fencing industry in the coming year.

While we are no fortune tellers, we know a thing or two about the industry and we are excited to share what we anticipate in 2019.


Plants, plants, and...Read More »

Why We are Proud Members of the American Fence Association

Providing our clients with not just the best products, but also up-to-date product knowledge, is what we do best at DAC Industries. One of the ways we are able to do this is by being proud members of the American Fence Association (AFA).

The benefits of our membership extend directly...Read More »

Selecting a Fence for Security

Selecting a fence for safety and security requires making strategic material, height, and installation decisions.

The first step is to determine usage, if you are securing a pool, dumpster, park or yard; fence hardware is of the utmost importance.

We have a wide range of latches that are the perfect fit for...Read More »

Choosing the Right Gate Latches

When designing fencing for a residential or commercial property, it is important that the correct gate latch hardware for the project is selected. Every fence requires different hardware, and the expert team at DAC is here to ensure your customers receive quality latches that fit correctly, no matter the application.

There...Read More »

4 Situations When You Need a Panic Bar

When it comes to panic exit hardware, your customers seek the best available quality. This type of hardware is required in many situations, and offering the right selection means that you can provide the best solution, every time.

If you are determining what types of panic exit hardware to offer to...Read More »

Outdoor Patio Safety for Restaurants

These days, patios are a must-have for restaurants. Whether you’re in a climate where it’s patio weather all year, or somewhere where patio sitting months are precious and must be enjoyed to their fullest, having a patio is a definite perk. But, as popular as they are, outdoor space comes...Read More »

Safely Securing Dog Parks

Dog parks are a great way to treat the family pooch to some socialization, a nice run, or some play time. For those who live in the city, they’re the best way to give their pups some exercise.

When it comes to securing a dog park, there are certain guidelines that...Read More »

3 Reasons We're Attending FenceTech 2018

FenceTech is the only national trade show focused on the fence, gate, access control, and vinyl industry. That makes it a unique, valuable, and crucial event for those of us in the fencing industry. There are multiple reasons to attend, here are just a few.


Fencetech is the perfect opportunity...Read More »

We have a new catalog!

The past few months have been very busy for us over at DAC Industries. We’ve recently returned from our time at FenceTech 2017 as an exhibitor and we’re excited to share our new catalog!


What’s new in our catalog

The first thing you’ll notice is a new design and layout. We’ve...Read More »

FenceTech 2017

Since 1985, DAC Industries has specialized in providing the fence industry with high quality, durable gate hardware and accessories. Our inventory is extensive and reflects the changing needs of both our clientele and the fencing industry overall. That’s why FenceTech 2017 was a “must do” for us, just...Read More »

Installation Guide Basics

At DAC Industries, we understand that architects and contractors work toward fulfilling industry best practices and comply with the warranty demands that accompany the individual products. Fence contractors, installers and wholesalers find a diverse selection of fence gate hardware and accessories here at DAC Industries....Read More »

FenceTech 2016

The American Fence Association has been providing innovative resources and serving the fence industry since 1962. With over 25 member chapters that serve the American Fence Association, there’s a number of educational and certification options available for contractors. Additionally, the American Fence Association provides resources...Read More »

Welcome to Our New Site!

With the New Year comes new goals, resolutions, and the desire for making innovative changes for the future. At DAC Industries, we’ve endeavored to provide high quality fence and gate hardware and accessories to contractors and retailers across the country. Our extensive selection of gate latches, gate hinges, cantilever rollers...Read More »