Keeping Your Pool Gate Compliant and Secure

Building codes are designed as a mechanism for safety and protection. This is especially true when you consider International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC) regarding mounting heights, created with the intent of deterring access for unaccompanied children. In recent years there have been some confusing exceptions between IBC and ISPSC regarding these mounting heights for hardware on doors and gates serving swimming pools, so we wanted to clarify those requirements, and introduce you to some of DAC Industries’ products to ensure your gates are self-closing, self-latching, and self-locking, allowing you to install both entry and exit hardware at the same height.

The Code

ISPSC made changes to its code in 2021, addressing the requirement of self-closing and self-latching doors and gates on pools.   On self-locking gates at public pools/spas, the latch release was clarified to state that operable hardware must be mounted between 34 and 48 inches above the finished floor. Another important factor to keep in mind is that most public pools have a pool deck that accommodates over 50 people, meaning panic hardware is generally required.

The Products

There are several different types of panic bar hardware and accessories available today. Some can be accessed with a card reader/access control system or combination lock, while others simply require a keyed entry.  You can determine the right solution for your project based on your individual building needs and local regulations.

The following are items DAC Industries manufactures and sells that are compliant with both IBC and ISPSC that you can mount on your existing gate and are all compatible with the 6045 Superior Exit Bar Kit, allowing easy installation on a gate: 

  • Storeroom function lever (DAC# 6110)Outside lever trims provide security for all types of installations. Built to be as durable as the panic devices, these heavy-duty trims will stand up to heavy use and abuse.
    • Free exit with panic bar
    • Key required to enter
  • Electrified Control trim (DAC 6200) – The 6200 Electrified Control Trim is an effective way of interfacing electric release with mechanical locking. The trim can be key activated or electrically-released by any access control system or remote release 
    • Free exit with panic bar 
    • Access control releases lever and allows for entry
    • Key override option
  • Electric Strike with DAC Adjustable Mount (DAC 11190)  – Stylish,  windstorm rated, surface-mounted solution with superior strength and durability, paired with DAC adjustable mount for easy installation on a gate.
    • Free exit with panic bar
    • Access control releases strike and allows for entry
    • Key override can be added, if desired








Growing in popularity within the fence industry is the Electric Latch Retraction panic bar. This is designed for entrance and exit doors/gates exposed to exterior environments where remote unlocking, remote dogging, or access control is desired.  Since the release is in the panic bar itself, this pairs nicely with a storeroom function lever or the new DAC pull, both provide a key override option.

When it comes down to designing a pool fence, the most critical step is to check your local building code to make sure everything is in compliance. To learn more about our products, please call 800.888.9768 or visit our catalog for additional information on all of our products. 


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