Installation Guides: Hardware Made Easy

Each project has its own challenges. That’s what makes them all unique, after all. After time, though, those obstacles can get frustrating, which can lead to improper installation. Luckily, our team is happy to provide installation guides that can make your projects go a bit smoother.

At DAC Industries, we’re proud to offer installation guides with many of our products. Because of that, we’ve put together some of the best reasons to refer to the guide during your project. Follow these tips, and your hardware experience can be a breeze.

Specialized Hardware

Since no two projects are alike, the same can be said about their hardware. We proudly offer a wide variety of fencing and gate hardware. That means we realize that subtle differences in design can change the way a product is utilized or installed.

Installation guides can help clarify how to use this hardware and also specify the best way to install them. That way, no matter what sort of hardware you’re dealing with, you can feel confident during the installation process. Plus, when a piece is installed properly, it will hold up to wear and tear much longer than if it wasn’t installed correctly.

Compliant Hardware

Some hardware must be installed in compliance with specifications. When this is required, our installation guides can help guide you. That way, you’ll know that the hardware is compliant, and that you’ve met the required specifications.

Our guides also explain the warranties for hardware that have them. When you install following the guide, you can be sure that the warranty is good and that the part will be reliable for years to come.

If you’re working on a fencing or gate project, we’re ready to help with your hardware needs. Browse our catalog today to learn more about our product offerings, and be sure to check out our shop drawings for more information.

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