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At DAC Industries, we understand that architects and contractors work toward fulfilling industry best practices and comply with the warranty demands that accompany the individual products. Fence contractors, installers and wholesalers find a diverse selection of fence gate hardware and accessories here at DAC Industries. Whether they’re working on a new installation or a remodeling / project update, they’ll find what they need when it comes to different gate latches, hinges, rollers and panic exit hardware.

By offering installation guides for many of our products, we help ensure that all fence gate hardware and accessories are installed in compliance with specifications. All of our products include a warranty.

Installation guides are exceedingly important as every installation is unique. These guides help educate the contractor, wholesaler, installer and consumers on the specific warranty that accompanies the fence gate hardware or accessory to ensure lasting satisfaction for all parties involved.

If you’re ready to start a new fencing or gate project, DAC Industries is ready to help. It is our pleasure to serve your gate hardware needs. Please call us with any comments, questions or suggestions at (800) 888-9768.

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