What to Keep in Mind While Designing Residential Fences

You already know that designing for residential areas can be completely different than designing for commercial. This is still true when it comes to fencing.

Residential fences can come with a lot of different options. To help, our team put together some items you should consider before you start designing for your next residential project.

Keep Purpose in Mind

When you design a fence, you need to make sure it suits future residents’ needs. The material you choose can go a long way towards achieving these goals.

Wooden fences can provide a high level of privacy, while wrought iron fences can form a decorative barrier. Other materials like acrylic or glass can help keep an area enclosed while not obscuring views.

It’s important to choose the material that best corresponds with what future residents will want from the property. Which perfectly transitions us to the next consideration before you start your next project.

Think of the Future

Generally speaking, when a person purchases a property, it’s for the long term. That means that whatever fencing you design will need to fit the first residents, and hopefully the next few owners as well.

It can be useful to design fences that meet local codes in case the residents ever choose to install a pool. You should also rely on hardware and fencing materials that can keep children safely inside and intruders out.

Choose the Right Hardware

The hardware you choose for your project can make residents’ lives easier, or it can become a burden. You want fenced in areas to be accessible for the property owners while still being able to close securely.

The Auto-Latch is a great solution for gates when residents will need to come and go frequently. It’s child resistant when it’s installed properly, which makes this great for keeping small children out of areas like pools, gardens, and more. They can also be padlocked for added security.

It’s important to design a gate that will close behind the resident, too. The Gravity Hinge is a great solution, especially when paired with the Auto-Latch. It self-closes and is available in both a one-way hinge and a two-way hinge, which makes it very versatile.

Are you designing a residential area? Our team would love to help you choose the correct hardware for your project. Reach out to us today. We’d love to talk.

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