The Right Hardware for Your Field

The changing of the seasons means that athletes are back out on the field. In fact, the excitement of games, practices, marching bands, and more can often make us forget that the environment they’re playing on is carefully designed to fit players’ needs.

When it comes to fields, fences provide protection for spectators and athletes alike. It’s important to have the right kind of fence with the appropriate hardware to ensure that the focus can stay on the game.

Our team has put together a brief guide on what to look for when you start designing the fence for a sports field.

The Proper Materials

When you think of a sports field, your mind probably jumps to one thing: chain link fences. These are some of the most versatile fences for athletic use, since they allow spectators to see while providing protection.

Still, when it comes to including a chain link fence, it is equally as important to think about padding that fence. Sports like baseball, softball, or even football may occasionally call for players to run into the fence. Be sure to place brightly colored padding on the top of these areas so that any collision is not with the metal of the fence itself. This protects athletes and can help extend the lifetime of the fence.

Securing a Field

For most athletic field fences, the Strong-Arm Latch is a fantastic solution. This helps fences stay closed and secure while still allowing for easy entry. They also eliminate the need for a drop rod, which makes them very versatile. If you attach a padlock, this can keep the field more secure.

If you’re building a fence for a more private area, like a track, you’ll want to focus on security first. Panic bars are a great idea, because they can be paired with highly secure trim options like key-code access or keys. Additionally, since tracks are enclosed spaces, a panic bar allows for a swift exit in the case of emergency.

Are you designing a field? Our team would love to help you choose fence hardware that suits your project. Contact our team today to get started.

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