Securing School Playgrounds

Summer is almost over and the school year is in full swing! For parents, that means a flurry of back-to-school shopping and homework, but for people in our industry, it’s a good time to remember the importance of a secure school playground fence.

It’s no question that our children need safe, secure areas to learn and play. That’s why our team is taking a moment to discuss the best way to keep the kids in our communities protected while still empowering them to have fun.

The Right Fence Material

School playground fences can serve many different purposes, from security to privacy. Based on your needs, you’ll require different materials.

Chain link fences are among the most common, but since they can be easy to climb, they aren’t great for areas you need to keep secure. These fences are great for areas that need to be under surveillance, though, like a playing field or small play area. As long as there are other security measures in place, these fences can be an ideal solution.

Wooden fences offer privacy and security for schools. These are wonderful choices for areas like playgrounds, fields, and more. Additionally, these fences can even be painted in school colors to show pride.

Steel picket fences allow for heightened security and privacy. These are tough barriers that may be useful next to busy roads, especially in the absence of a bar ditch. They can provide protection against cars that may slide from the pavement towards playing children but shouldn’t be used as the only protective measure.

The Right Gate Hardware

When you choose gate hardware for your school playground fence, remember to think about security. Some instances might be best suited for latches that are easy for children to open, while others need to remain secure, even against adults.

Latches like our Auto-Latch are designed to be easy for adults to use, but difficult for small children to open. For added security, simply add a padlock.

For easy egress, look to panic bars or panic exit hardware. These can be paired with trim options to allow entry from the outside while adhering to fire code on the inside of your fence.

If you have an area that needs to remain particularly secure, alarmed panic bars may be right choice. These will sound if a child tries to sneak out or if anyone exits the area without clearance.

When in doubt, follow local regulations and work with our team of experts. Since legal liabilities can differ between childcare centers and schools, it’s best to do your research first.

Each of the hardware options we’ve discussed has a variety of applications. Are you unsure of the best way to secure a school playground for your project? Reach out to us. We’d love to talk to you about your specific needs.

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