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With the New Year comes new goals, resolutions, and the desire for making innovative changes for the future. At DAC Industries, we’ve endeavored to provide high quality fence and gate hardware and accessories to contractors and retailers across the country. Our extensive selection of gate latches, gate hinges, cantilever rollers and panic bars have helped architects, installers, wholesalers, and contractors have their gate and fencing projects come together seamlessly.

To celebrate the New Year, we opted to revamp our website, introducing an easy-to-use interface, resources for architects, installers, wholesalers, contractors, and customers from the retail side.

We’ve provided technical information, drawings, warranty information and more for all of the products throughout our site to aid architects in their gate and fencing need. Fence contractors, installers and wholesalers will find a selection of fence gate hardware and accessories here at DAC Industries. Whether you find yourself working on a new installation or a remodeling / project update, we’ve provided everything you need when it comes to different gate latches, hinges, rollers and panic bars and hardware. While we sell to the trade, we’ve provided additional resources for customers to help them make their remodeling and gate/fence projects come together with ease. Our website offers easy access to the American Fence Association member directory, so that a local contractor of fence installation company can help make your dreams a reality.

Our new blog will feature regular posts on everything you need to know about gate latches, gate hinges, cantilever rollers, panic bars, and the installation process required to effectively use your gate and fencing hardware and accessories.

Here’s to a new year, a new look, and the same great quality we’ve been providing since 1985.

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One thought on “Welcome to Our New Site!

  • Tara Allen

    That is smart to get a fence that is high quality. I like the idea of getting a fencing contractor to install your fence professionally. That is awesome that you can select a material to build your fence with that is durable and professional.