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As an industry leader, DAC sets the standard for delivering quality products to wholesalers, installers, and architects. We have a comprehensive catalog containing all of the products we manufacture and provide for our clients, and we update it frequently with new and improved options.

Each of the products featured in our blog is a product manufactured by DAC; here are a few of our favorites from the latest catalog:

Premium Exit Bar Kit

The Premium Exit Bar Kit is the perfect fit when your application call for panic hardware in outdoor, high-use, high-abuse situations. This kit contains the Detex Advantex Stainless Steel bar, the adjustable mounting plate, which is available as 12″ or 24″ tall, the adjustable receiver bracket, and the lock box and key cylinder.

This kit allows for easy installation and includes all necessary hardware. Entry from the outside with a key is included with trim options available to add on.

Interested in learning more about this Kit? Check it out on page 17 of our catalog.

Strong Arm Latches

The Strong Arm Latches by DAC Industries are made in the USA and eliminate the need for a hybrid. They are easily installed and can be padlocked from either side.

The Strong Arm is available in both residential and commercial sizes, for double drive and walk gates, round or square frames, and in galvanized or black pewter-coated finishes.

Interested in our Strong Arm Latches? Check out pages 4-5 of our catalog to see all of our available options.

Residential or Commercial Self-Closing Gravity Hinge Sets

We offer a variety of Self-Closing Gravity Hinge sets that are suited for either residential or commercial gates. DAC stocks both one-way or two-way hinges. You can mix any size, residential or commercial, for a price break. Our Hinge sets are sold individually or ten per bag.

The gravity type self-closing hinge set has no springs to wear out. By raising the bottom hinge set, you can increase the force at which the gate will close. The hinges can also be used to compensate for slight grade changes, making it possible to install the gate on a hill while keeping the bottom of the gate close to the ground.

Need more information? Check out the Gravity Hinge Sets on page 11 of our catalog.


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