Trends in 2019: What We Predict for the Industry 2

With 2019 quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking ahead to what will be popular in the fencing industry in the coming year.

While we are no fortune tellers, we know a thing or two about the industry and we are excited to share what we anticipate in 2019.


Plants, plants, and more plants

The integration of plants into fencing is becoming more and more popular. From framing plants into a section of fence, to placing lattice in different shapes on fencing, to growing plants up into patterns. The use of plants as a part of fence design is growing in popularity. 

Anything goes

Wood alternatives such as vinyl, steel, or composite are continuing to be selected as go-to materials as more designers seek variety. All of these wood alternatives are low-maintenance and eco-friendly. The look of these fences ranges from traditional to modern, plus, it will serve as a great conversation starter at the next backyard barbecue.


Light it up

Using lights to spruce up a fence is not necessarily a new concept, but the type of lights you can use are ever-changing.  String lights are no longer the only option; try solar LED vertical lights or solar post lights. Adding lights will keeping your fence well-lit and eco-friendly, if you choose to use solar lights.

At the end of the day, a gate is nothing without it’s latch and hinge. We take pride in providing high quality hardware for our clients for their fence security. Our hardware is a timeless addition to any fence and will keep it working more efficiently than the rest. You can trust us to provide a great solution, no matter what the design or material.

Did any of these surprise you? Give us a call to connect on these trends and what they mean for your clients.

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