Saving Time: Tips from Our Experts

DAC Industries takes pride in providing quality products for the fencing industry to architects, installers, and wholesalers.

We understand that time investment and ease of installation play a major role in decision making, so we have developed several resources to assist you with installation:

Utilize our Catalog

We created a comprehensive catalog filled with all of the products we provide.

The catalog includes the weight, dimensions, and price breakdown for each product so you can quickly evaluate options. Many of our products will save you time and money from the very start, such as the panic bar. The panic bar is ready to install, which will save you labor costs thanks to its efficiency.

Review Shop Drawings

Under the resources tab on our website you can find shop drawings.

Shop drawings allow you to see more in-depth information. Save time by ensuring that the parts you need are the parts you are planning on ordering. Shop drawings will provide you with measurements, weights, and illustrations, so you can see how it all fits together before you order products.

We Work Directly with Trades

Working with DAC Industries provides you access to experts who understand how to support you and your team throughout the installation process.


Are you interested in learning more about DAC or how we can help you control costs? Give us a call, we would love to connect with you.



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