The History of DAC: 32 Years of Fencing Industry Excellence

In 1985, the need for a quality manufacturer and supplier for gate hardware was realized; and so, DAC was born. We are so proud of our Michigan roots and the successes we have had here. As we celebrate over 30 years of business, we wanted to share a bit of our history and where we’re headed next.


DAC began with a vision to provide the fencing industry with high-quality gate hardware that was often hard to find. Specifically, we wanted a latch designed for swimming pool safety. In 1985 the only latch available for swimming pools fences was the butterfly latch, which needed to be modified in order to latch securely. So we began selling the Auto-Latch to overcome the obstacles the fencing industry was facing.

Not only did we want to be the provider, we wanted to be a manufacturer that was sought after and accessible to wholesalers, architects, and installers. We work with wholesalers, architects, and installers exclusively because we provide unique hardware solutions for the fencing industry.

We are proud to be a family run company, from fathers and daughters, to sons-in-law, nieces, and nephews – fencing expertise runs in our blood!


As the fencing industry grew, so did we! We have never stopped developing product lines that reflect the needs of the industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and meet the demands of the industry.

One example of this growth is with our staff.  From 2 employees to 10, we have invested in our employees to ensure they have expert knowledge about the fencing industry to help our clients succeed.

We have also outgrown our original workspace. We originally started out of our home, expanded to a space on Taylor Street, and now we have grown to a large space in Grand Rapids!


We are thriving now more than ever. We love taking part in FENCETECH, an industry tradeshow, each year to gain more knowledge about the industry and making connections with other manufacturers and prospective clients.

We have just released a new catalog featuring all of our product lines and highlighting a few of our favorites.


With over 30 years under our belt we are excited to see what the next 30 could bring. We will continue to provide high-quality products that are built to industry standards. We will also continue to provide our clients with knowledgeable staff so that every project with DAC exceeds your expectations.

Through the course of our 30 years of history, our core values have remained the same: we make niche, quality products with exceptional customer service and fast shipping. Interested in learning more about us? We would love to meet you. Give us a call, and let’s make history together.


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