Outdoor Patio Safety for Restaurants

These days, patios are a must-have for restaurants. Whether you’re in a climate where it’s patio weather all year, or somewhere where patio sitting months are precious and must be enjoyed to their fullest, having a patio is a definite perk. But, as popular as they are, outdoor space comes with its own set of potential problems. If you’re going to install a patio, you need to know how to keep patrons comfortable and safe.



Depending on the location of the patio, you may want to consider enclosing it with some sort of shrubbery or fencing for privacy and safety. This could be especially useful if the venue is located on a busy street with a lot of car or foot traffic. There’s nothing worse than trying to eat while cars honk, exhaust floats and people walk by kicking dirt into the food. A high, wooden fence is a great way to keep patrons protected from the outside world and add an element of charm.

But, be sure to add hardware to the fence that will allow it to latch and unlatch simply. Parents with little children don’t want to worry that their kids could push open the gate but you also don’t want to worry about people struggling to get out, in case of emergency.


Panic Bars

In many states, exit doors and gates are required to swing in the direction of travel and have panic hardware in areas with 50 or more occupants. DAC offers the Detex line of panic bars for the best in exit bar hardware. Whether you need just the panic bar, or panic exit accessories and or/lockboxes, browse our site for the best selection.

It’s also important that barriers be metal or wood and the elements of those barries be in good shape, free from fading or rusting. Our hardware is made of durable material such as steel with a powder coat finish.


Consider the Furniture

When placing furniture outside, remember that all furnishings will constantly be exposed to the elements. Rain, wind and sun can all have an effect on furniture and the patron’s experience using it.

Some factors to consider:

  • Glass tabletops can easily shatter especially in high winds or if a branch or debris falls on them.
  • Cushions should be water repellent to avoid gathering mildew
  • Untreated wood can splinter

Many states have their own guidelines on what type of furniture is permitted on a patio so it’s best to check locally.



More and more patios are choosing to be dog-friendly, but this is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Dogs introduce a new set of challenges including the possibility of scuffles, barking, and impediments to waitstaff. If dogs are welcome on the patio, be sure that there is a policy in place, and be sure to think about where the water bowls will go!

Make sure the patio on your next project is protected. For the most reliable hardware since 1985, call 616-235-0140 or send us a message!

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