Safely Securing Dog Parks

Dog parks are a great way to treat the family pooch to some socialization, a nice run, or some play time. For those who live in the city, they’re the best way to give their pups some exercise.

When it comes to securing a dog park, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed by those installing the fencing and hardware.

The purpose of fencing around a dog park is to protect both dogs and their people. To make sure these protections are in place, certain qualifications must be met. In addition to specific local requirements, other things to consider include:



Fences around dog parks should be at least five feet tall (to prevent even the most talented jumpers from getting away), the footings should be buried at least one foot down, and fence panels should be buried to a depth of six inches at all locations except at access points.


Access Points:

The gates at the entrances should be the same height as the fences surrounding them. The main entrance for guests and their dogs should have a dual-gate entrance, allowing a dog owner to bring a dog into a confined space, on-leash, where the dog can be unleashed before entry to the park. This space should be at least 16 square feet. Both of these entrances should contain hardware that allows them to lock and unlock, and close and latch securely.

There should also be another entrance for maintenance purposes, large enough to allow maintenance vehicles access.



The hardware installed on dog park gates should provide peace of mind to owners bringing their dogs to the park. The type of hardware will depend on the type of fencing the park chooses, but selected hardware should allow the gates to shut securely and latch with little effort.


Some suggestions:

  • The Auto-Latch Gate Stop allows gates to swing in only one direction
  • The mini-latches are self-latching and are great for kennels
  • The Auto Latches are child-resistant and can be padlocked from either side.

Browse our selection of gate hardware to find the additions that will secure your next dog park project, protect the pups, and provide peace of mind. Or, give us a call to find the best solution for your project.

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