4 Situations When You Need a Panic Bar 3

When it comes to panic exit hardware, your customers seek the best available quality. This type of hardware is required in many situations, and offering the right selection means that you can provide the best solution, every time.

If you are determining what types of panic exit hardware to offer to your customers, it is helpful to understand the types of situations where it is used and why:


Public and Private Playgrounds

Not surprisingly, spaces where children gather to play need to include very thoughtful safety considerations for how the space is accessed and exited. Security in these spaces is extremely important, and quality hardware is essential.


Community Parks

Not all parks include fences, but when they do, providing panic hardware at the exits supports a safe environment. Community parks can include many types of uses: courts and fields for sports, playground equipment, shared gardening patches, and special places for dogs to play. Creating appropriate boundaries for the various spaces through fences and needed hardware promote protection for all users no matter how they are utilizing the park.


Care Institutions

Mental health institutions, nursing homes, and other facilities that provide care often include outdoor space to promote the health of patients and residents. Easy-to-use and effective panic exit hardware is key to ensuring their safety, in addition to supporting the work of the staff to easily access spaces.



Pools are a great amenity for hotels, resorts, and apartments, and are also commonly offered to communities through city oversight. Care to keep not only pool users safe, but also designing solutions to keep children safe from entering them unaccompanied, needs to be taken when design is underway. Installing panic exit hardware along with necessary fencing is key, whether for public or private use.

As always, make sure that you understand the specific codes of the geographical areas you service so that you can best assist your customers in selecting the correct products; different cities may require different types of safety hardware.

Need assistance in deciding which hardware to make available to your customers? We can help! We have the Detex line available along with other accessories for the best in exit bar hardware.

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3 thoughts on “4 Situations When You Need a Panic Bar

  • Angel Bogart

    I really appreciate it that you mentioned how important panic exit hardware to be installed around pools and in nursing homes to ensure residents’ safety. Mom would love having these panic bars installed at the pool entrance to keep kids from accidentally diving into the deeper part of the swimming pool, especially during family reunions. When the family are all busy chatting in the living room, it’s great if the doors have this safety mechanism to keep children from accidentally going out and falling into the water.