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When designing fencing for a residential or commercial property, it is important that the correct gate latch hardware for the project is selected. Every fence requires different hardware, and the expert team at DAC is here to ensure your customers receive quality latches that fit correctly, no matter the application.

There are several different types of gate latch hardware, each with unique benefits. Here is a helpful breakdown:


Auto Latch

The Auto-Latch is a unique piece of hardware that is very convenient for users. A round Auto-Latch can be used for chain link fences, while a square Auto-Latch is best on ornamental fences. To close a gate with an auto-latch, all a person has to do is push, kick, bump, or impel the gate after him or herself, and the gate will latch firmly and securely. Given that this hardware is easy for adults to operate, but extremely difficult for small children to open, it is a perfect solution for both residential and commercial designs.


Strong Arm

A Strong-Arm latch is very easy to install, and will securely latch double-gates. A round Strong-Arm latch can be used on chain link fences and a square Strong-Arm latch is best for ornamental fences. This type of latch eliminates the need for a drop rod. Engineered to keep a gate in-line with the fence, it can be used with different size gaps between gate panels. If extra security is needed, the latch can be thru-bolted or welded to the gate frame. Also, ideal for both commercial and residential properties, the Strong Arm latch is an easy-to-use system that provides ample security.


Sentry Latch

Sentry Latches are useful for several different applications, but best suited for dumpster gates. This latch is heavy duty and easily adjustable. A Sentry Latch can be used on steel gate frames, wood on steel, ornamental, polyvinyl and wood gates. This latch only allows access from outside of the gate.

Offering a variety of products means that your clients will be able to source the best solution for every project. For more information on the different types of gate latches that DAC Industries carries, click here.

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