How to Pick the Right Hardware for Your Client

If you’ve been working in architecture or construction for any length of time, you know that no two projects are alike. That’s why it can be difficult to decide what types of hardware you need for the fences in your plans.

Our team put our heads together and came up with some tips for how to choose hardware quickly and effectively, no matter where you are in your project timeline.

Think Like an End User

Most architects and designers are already very good at designing with the end user in mind. Still, it’s important to remember the situations that people will be in when they encounter this hardware.

For example, think about a person who needs to carry boxes from within a warehouse to their delivery vehicle: this person would much rather press a bar than fumble with a latch. In this case, a panic bar on the inside of a gate can pair with a mechanical combination lock on the outside to allow for secure, convenient access.

When we start thinking about the routines of these people, it’s easier to identify what sort of hardware they’ll need to encounter in order to complete their job.

Consider Security

Different types of buildings require varying levels of access. Projects requiring added security may benefit from an electrified control trim, which can be released remotely. Other locations may require key access or code access.

Still, there are applications that don’t need any sort of advanced security, like dumpster gates and baseball fields. These can benefit from sentry latches or strong arm latches, which will keep gates closed without a need for high security.

Remember Accessibility

Depending on what sort of building you’re planning and where it’s being built, there are different accessibility codes that you’ll need to consider. Some of these extend to the hardware on various entrances in and around your building. Be sure to check with your local accessibility codes before selecting hardware.

Since no two projects are alike, our experienced team is always ready to answer your individual questions about the project you’re working on. Are you not sure which type of hardware fits your situation best? Contact us today.

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