Fence Latches for Safety

Fences serve many purposes, with the most common being decoration or security.

No matter why a fence has been put in place, we know that it is always important to select hardware that is secure and safe; that’s why we are proud to provide our customers with several latch options:

Strong Arm

The Strong Arm latch is an easy-to-install piece of hardware that latches securely. The double drive version eliminates the need for a drop rod. This latch is engineered to keep the gate in-line with the fence, and works with a range of gap sizes.

Looking for extra security? The Strong Arm latch can be thru-bolted or welded to the gate frame. Whether you are using this latch for commercial or residential, this latch comes in different sizes, fits, and finishes.

Sentry Latch

The Sentry Latch is a heavy duty and adjustable piece of hardware that only allows access from outside of the gate. The Sentry Latch can be used for many different applications, but it is best suited for dumpster gates.

Sentry Latches can be used on steel, wood on steel, ornamental, polyvinyl, and wood gates.


The Auto-Latch is another popular and versatile option. To close you simply push, kick, or shove it after you walk through. The latch automatically catches and closes firmly and securely.

The latch can be positioned to be convenient for adults and difficult for small children to open – a key to creating a safe environment when installing a fence and selecting hardware components. When installed properly, the Auto-Latch meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines for swimming pool latches.

If you have additional questions about products that support a project’s safety goals, let’s connect.

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